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November 30, 2007

puzzle shuffle

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i just finished the puzzle shuffle in two moves




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SUCKER! is cancelled

on the plus side my ban is almost finished there is: 24 hours and 3 minutes remaining

knox and korners

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to watch knox and korners go to my friends site



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i will start posting some things that have nothing to do with club penguin

i will still post club penguin stuff

new puffle

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the yellow puffle is out today


it is for members only

November 29, 2007


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someone got me banned so most pictures will have im on a wii in them

the newspaper is out today and here is the news in brief

the yellow puffles will be available tomorrow which is the 30th of november

there is a review of the western party

the featured game was bean counters

from the 14th of december-24th of december there will be donation places around the island and then club penguin will donate$1 million to dollars to real chrities

aunt artic says that girl viking helmets(viqueens is what aunt artic calls them)and she interviews the blue penguins that clap at the end of sled racing

the usual joke,riddles and poems a puzzle shuffle(i did it in 4 moves)

oh yeah and the comic(which makes no sense and it isnt very good )

November 27, 2007

on the website

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Hidden animations:
Click the door of the coffee shop on the home page. A penguin comes out.
Click the penguin above the “Login” button to have it appear with different colors
and costumes.Click on the N in nightclub to see a ninja

easy coins

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Easy coins:
Go to the mines and play Cart Surfer. Keep jumping by pressing [Space] and
press [Down] [Down] [Down] to do a backflip for 100 points. Then, jump and
press [Right] or [Left]. You will spin for 80 points. Keep switching off.
When you come to a turn, grind it by holding [Down] and pressing the [Side].
Eventually, you should finish with somewhere between 230 and 360 coins in less
than one minute. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired

emoticon shortcuts and special dances

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Note: Always click at the same time.
ET shows a music note and makes a noise
EI shows an igloo
EP shows a blue puffle
ES shows a skull
ED shows a sun(the D stands for day)
EF shows a flower
EG shows a game controller
EH shows a red heart
EL shows a fourleaf clover(the L stands for lucky)
EZ shows a slice of pizza(the Z stands for the z’s in pizza)
EC shows a cup of coffee
EN shows a moon and stars(the N stands for night)
EM shows a coin(the M stands for money)
E1 shows a laughing face
E2 shows a smiley face
E3 shows a straight face
E4 shows a frowning face
E5 shows a surprised face
E6 shows a face sticking out tongue
E7 shows a winking face
E8 shows a green sickly face
E9 shows a red angry face
E0 shows a red angry face
Shift! shows a large !
Shift? shows a large ?

Different dances:
Wear the coffee apron to pour coffee.
Wear the chef’s hat to make pizza.
Wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim.
Wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula.
Wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer.
Wear the lasso to twirl it around.
Wear the clown costume to juggle


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because the party is over the thing the pin was on is gone  and it has gone back to normal

here is a pic


November 26, 2007

keyboard shortcuts for club penguin

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Type Commands
-type D to dance
-type W to wave(or wear a whistle to whistle)
-type S to sit
-type T to throw a snowball
-type J to tell a joke
-type Y to say yes
-type O to say ok
-type H to say hello
-type B to say good-bye
-type N to say no

November 24, 2007

club penguin

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here is a link to club penguin on miniclip

Games at Miniclip.com - Club Penguin
Club Penguin

Make friends and play games in wonderland that is Club Penguin.

Play this free game now!!

November 23, 2007

my one hundred hit party

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im having a party on club penguin on saturday the first of december

server:marshmallow in america

time:4 oclock irish time

place:my igloo(cj12297 is my penguin name)

i will open my igloo on the map

and another

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Games at Miniclip.com - Snow Line
Snow Line

Help Santa Claus collect the presents.

Play this free game now!!

play it

i cant believe it i actually finished this game

my high score was 8033

if you dont believe me here is proof


another game

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Games at Miniclip.com - Penguin Rush
Penguin Rush

Race your penguin down the slopes to the finish line!

Play this free game now!!

play it

yay a game

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here is a game called winter workout

play it its fun

Games at Miniclip.com - Winter Workout
Winter Workout

Help Santa complete four winter themed events.

Play this free game now!!

western party

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the new party has started today

here are the changes:



snow forts:



and finally the cove:( make the fire fire bigger by clicking on the logs beside it)

all rooms i left out are not decorated

there is a bandanna as a free item in the plaza

also there are two backgrounds one in the forest and one at the dock

the pin is in the cove it is a needle

i will post pictures soon

ps SUCKER! should be up by monday

pss when i get a hundred hits i will have a party on club penguin

details will be announced soon

November 19, 2007

puffles new hiding spot

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im pretty sure i saw the yellow puffle again but in the stage

but my friend thinks it was just a yellow penguin

let me know if u find the puffles new hiding spot

this time i know that i saw it

i will post the picture soon


my friend told me how to see it you move your mouse or click  on one of the happy and sad puffles at the stage

ps im making a show on club penguin called suckers which i will post every week

November 16, 2007

igloo catolog

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the new igloo catolog is out the secrets are the exact same

a new igloo upgrade catolog is out

the log cabin is back in stock for anyone who wants it

my friend told me how to get the snowglobe igloo

click on snow everywhere in the upgrade catolog then click on the window of the basic igloo and it will come up it is 3700 coins

new building

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the new building is complete

it is a theatre

it has a catolog and a script

here is a pic


also the play is about aliens and you get costumes from the catolog

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