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February 26, 2008

billybob:March Sneak Peek!!

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Hello Penguins!

You all know that I like to give everyone a sneak peek when we’ve got some big things on the way.  Not only does this give you something to look forward to, but it also allows you to let your friends know so they don’t miss it.

Just to give you an idea of how big the next month is, here are a few things we have planned!

  • TWO Awesome Parties!
  • A Brand New Game!
  • A Sport Shop catalog Update with a new Game Upgrade!
  • A Scavenger Hunt!
  • And as always: New Pins, New Clothes, New Furniture,  And More!

We’re also working on some top secret stuff we can’t share yet, but that will be coming out over the next few months.  Its going to be fun!

In other news:  Today we launched an update to Aqua Grabber (the new game).  It should be running a lot smoother for everyone.  If you tried it out over the weekend and it wasn’t running well, give it another try and let us know if its working better!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team


February 20, 2008


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G’s submarine is finished

the name chosen was aqua grabber

it is just a game

to play it go to the iceberg

you have to get rockhoppers log book, anchor, rudder, treasure chest and steering wheel but its not a very good submarine because water gets in and when it fills completly you lose a life. but dont worry you can get the water out by going back to the surface of the water or getting an air bubble the max amount of coins is 250(i know it sucks) and a golden steering wheel pin. it is an addicting game.

here is a pic of the game


also screenhog posted these pictures of the drafts for the submarine


to see his full post click here
to see billybobs post about introducing screenhog from a few days ago click here

February 15, 2008

party pin and news

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yesterday there was a newspaper to read it click here

there is a new party  the submarine there is a free item

the yellow snorkel (forest)

seaweed belt(book room(upstairs in coffee shop))
also pin is in the cove will post a pic  soon

February 12, 2008


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my party is over only one person showed up though

February 9, 2008

new stuff

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there is new stuff

a new play with my favourite costumes

here is the catalog

moose head:450

parrot head:450

migrator sail(hat):300

migrator(body item):600

penguin band hoodie:500

track jacket:550

pom-poms(red or blue):120

the sidetied(wig):500

directors hat:250

at the iceberg there is something being built by G and there is a free mining hat

here is a pic


there are new postcards

here are what they are for

be my buddy

go to the ski hill

play jet pack adventure(go to beacon)

the newspaper came out on thursday you can read it here

February 2, 2008


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its february the month of birthday

a few new stuff came out yesterday

the pin is in the lighthouse


also there is a new catalog

here is the new stuff



and a new on the job costume



here are the secrets

swim mask


viking helmet


for blue viking helmet open and close viking helmet 3-4 times


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my dad got another keyboard

i think it’s just a temp

but i will have it for the party

billybob:Rockhopper Departs

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Hello Penguins!

What a day! I hope you had a chance to say goodbye to Rockhopper before he left today! If you want to, you can see him rowing away in the telescope at the Lighthouse. I know many of you probably have been wondering why he would leave without his ship–from what I’ve heard, he’s heading out to find a solution for his loss. He’s not much of a Captain without a ship. But many of you already know that and have expressed it a lot over the last week. 
Many of you have been asking for a way to help the Captain. For those of you who haven’t checked out the Beach yet you should, because it looks like someone is organizing a campaign to help Rockhopper! I can’t say a lot more right now, but from looks of things at the Beach, things are far from over. In fact, I can tell you some really cool stuff is just getting started! There’s a lot happening in February and you don’t want to miss it!

In other news: The new clothing catalog came out today! I think it’s pretty cool, but we want to hear from you!

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