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April 5, 2008

new stuff

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there is an update to the aqua grabber game

the max coins is now 500

there will be another update for it on the 7th of april

here are the new features

You can get the treasure by going all the way down to the bottom of the sea floor and then to the right:

You will have to watch out for fish because they will make you drop the treasure.

They have also added some other cool stuff, such as collecting oyster pearls and bringing along your puffle.

If you have a pink puffle then you are able to bring it along with you in Aqua Grabber. Just like with the red puffle in Catching Waves, the pink puffle will help you beat the game. It will occasionally blow bubbles that you can collect to get air. If it sees that you are in trouble it will blow a big bubble that fills gets you air.

Aqua Grabber Puffle

You can find the blue oysters all around in the game, you will have to wait for them to fall asleep before you can get their pearls though. To make them fall asleep just wait next to them and eventually they will. Each white pearl is worth 25 coins. There will also be black pearls in some oysters which will give you 50 coins.

the new catalog is out click here to read it

and there are a few new items

there are also the new ties

125 coins each for a tie

there is the:

black tie

striped tie

smiley emote tie

mullet tie

green tie

cheese tie(hidden)

there are new backgrounds

also here are the secrets

cheese tie

red viking helmet(open and close about 4 times for blue viking helmet)

green snorkel

also you are now able to go on the deck of the migrator

unfortunately the hold is closed because of dirt blocking the door

here is what it looks like

also the new on the job is cool (i’m wearing the new on the job press w to hold up the sign


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