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April 22, 2008

New mission

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hey guys there is a new mission

if you need help here is a guide

The very ending of the video got cut off for some reason, but everything after where it got cut off is not important. It is G thanking you for fixing the clock tower.

here is what billybob has to say


Hello Penguins!

Today a brand new mission was released for Secret Agents! It’s top secret stuff, and you have to be an agent to get the details! But even if you’re not an agent, you would have noticed some strange events taking place in Club Penguin right now with the Clock Tower breaking down–that’s part of what the new mission is about! Of course, you’ll only get the whole story if you complete the mission!

Let us know what you think should happen next!

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on April 21 2008 12:08 | Comments (36)

also the secret present is a blue team thing
here is how to get it:
1.make sure you get the  life ring in the gadget room  then go to the dock and talk to the blue team  accept  their challenge
2.get the clock target from them
3.give them the life ring and voila

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